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Ad/Lib Logo Pink - About Ad/LibAd/Lib is a website about the really remarkable work done by libraries in the areas of marketing and design. This happens in two ways: submissions to the site by people in the profession (perhaps you, dear reader), and from content compiled from around the web.

The focus is on marketing and advertising campaigns, branding, visual identity, and website design. There are other websites out there that are about marketing tips, trends and tools (check out the Design Resources page). This isn’t that. On Ad/Lib, we focus on the end product, letting you see what clever, creative people have done.

Submitting Your Designs

The most popular posts on Ad/Lib are submitted by our readers. That means you. Share the design you’ve worked on at your library, and maybe you can influence designs elsewhere. Inspire others. Maybe you didn’t design something yourself, but spotted something amazing? Great, we’ll happily take your hot tip and turn it into a post. It’s a great way to get a little more exposure for your work, and have a place you can point people to, and say “I made that”.

What kinds of things do we want to show off? Branding, visual identity and logo design; marketing campaign materials; website design overhauls; marketing videos and posters; public relations work; library signage and wayfinding.

We’re less interested in: building design and renovations (unless it is accompanied by work in branding/visual identity or signage/wayfinding); library furniture; room layouts, PowerPoint slides and handouts. These are not strict rules; you might see some of the latter work if it really impresses. What makes a really compelling post is your story.

If you’re wondering if something is the right fit, you’re welcome to email info(at) and pitch your idea.

It’s really that simple. Check out our submission page for more details.

Can I re-use the content on your site?

Maybe. Those that submit to the site are invited to attach a Creative Commons licence to their content, but this is optional, and not all submissions have a licence. You’ll find this licence somewhere near the bottom of these posts.

If there is no CC licence, you should reach out to the submitter or the institution that owns the intellectual property. Posts that are not submitted to Ad/Lib (but instead curated and compiled from content around the web) are assumed to have an all rights reserved licence and require permission for re-use.

Who runs this thing?

Andrew IllustrationI do! My name is Andrew Colgoni and I’m the creator and administrator of Ad/Lib. My day job is currently Services Librarian at the H.G. Thode Library of Science and Engineering at McMaster University, where I oversee our services provision. I’m also an Instructor in McMaster’s prestigious Integrated Science program. My job does have some intersections with marketing, design and outreach, but I like this topic so much, I decided to make a whole website about it. My non-marketing persona is on twitter @colgoni or my sparsely updated website, Please feel free to use the contact page to get in touch.

Related roles:

Section Editor, Branding, Marketing Libraries Journal. (April 2017 – present)

Advisory Board Member, Marketing Libraries Journal. (April 2017 – present)

Judge, PRXchange Awards (March 2017 – 2020)

Planning Team Member, Marketing Libraries Think Tank (2016 – 2021)


  • The logo font is RNS Baruta Black by RNS Fonts. I spotted it on the wonderful It is the same font used in the kickstarter logo (coincidentally)
  • The WordPress theme is Baskerville
  • Ad/Lib is all over social media. You’ll find links to these things in the page footer (i.e. all the way at the bottom)
  • If you are the author or creator of posted art, and wish it removed, or wish to add to the post, please email info(at) Ad/Lib is not a commerical entity – we just want to share your work because we think it is great!

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