Penguin and Random House merge, and need a new brand identity. What does it look like? We now know it’s a three-tiered wordmark designed by Pentagram and Michael Beirut. While it lacks the iconic look of the penguin, it will blend seamlessly with all of the hundreds of imprints this mega-publisher carries. Read more about the making of the wordmark on Fast Company.

But there’s something about the bringing together two iconic brands that inspires designers: how can I mash this penguin and house together to create a new identity? (some of these are decidedly tongue-in-cheek)

DigitalBookWorld ran a contest ; here are some of the entries:

penguin house concept 1

Designer: M. Leone

PenguinHaus concept

Designer: J. Encarnacion

Penguin House concept

Designer: N. Huang

From elsewhere on the web:



Source: The Digital Reader

Source: Teleread

Source: Pr*ttySh*tty

Designer: T. Sniffin