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Augmented Reality (AR) Translation of Blackfoot Library Signage (2019)

Institution: Mount Royal University Library

“Blackfoot signage right now runs the risk of becoming museumified, as if they are a fun little art piece,“ Librarian Jesse Loyer says. “But we want it to be used.”

A new app (DeciphAR) developed by a third-year information design student uses augmented reality (AR) to translate Blackfoot signage in the Riddell Library and Learning Centre (RLLC) into English.

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Submitted: Exploring the Possibilities with Dakota County Library (2020)

Submitted by: 5ive on behalf of DCL
Institution: Dakota County Library

“Dakota County Library had a challenge: how do we change people’s idea of what the Library has to offer?

So in 2019, we created the Library’s first-ever integrated awareness campaign. Our goals: change perceptions, raise awareness, and invite people to explore the possibilities with their local Library.”

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Submitted: Putting the Public back in Queens Public Library (2019)

Submitted by: Doublespace on behalf of QPL
Institution: Queens Public Library

“By becoming “Queens Public Library,” we reinforce the promise that this library is truly at the center of the community and serves the people of Queens. The inclusion of this single yet powerful word makes it clear who is at the center of their work and to whom the library belongs.”

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Submitted: Go Somewhere Unexpected: UBC Library Rare Books and Special Collections Campaign

Submitted by: UBC Library Communications & Marketing Team
Institution: UBC Library

“In January and February of 2018, UBC Library launched a four-week campaign called Go Somewhere Unexpected to increase in-person visits to Rare Books & Special Collections and to drive online visits to content.”

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Submitted: Engaging Elevators at Cornell University Library

Submitted by: Melanie Lefkowitz and Carla DeMello
Institution: Cornell University Library

“We drafted and tested many, many versions of these before finalizing the door and the wolf in sheep’s clothing. We used the opening and closing of the elevator door as a kind of “reveal” element – the images were not totally self-explanatory, but definitely attention-grabbing…”

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Submitted: Refining Craighead County Jonesboro Public Library’s Brand Identity

Submitted by: Micah Brightwell
Institution: Craighead County Jonesboro Public Library

“With this successful logo mark and a strong local reputation, a complete rebrand wasn’t necessary nor cost efficient. However, in order to have a cohesive and effective visual identity a few key elements needed to change.”

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Submitted: Redesigning a Library Card at Northbrook Public Library

Submitted by: Emily Glimco, Dave Kosrow, and Brodie Austin
Institution: Northbrook Public Library

“We’ve been working on more consistent branding (and a cleaner look to our branding) at our library for a while now. The process has been slow; we’re trying to make incremental changes when we can. When we learned that we were running out of library cards, we decided to seize the opportunity to redesign our library cards.”

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Submitted: Galileo on Twitter? McMaster’s Freedom to Read Video Campaign

Submitted by: Madeline Donnelly Institution: McMaster University Library Finding a creative way to promote Freedom to Read Week Over the past few years, McMaster University Library has run some great Freedom to Read (F2R) Week campaigns that have focused on… Continue Reading →

Submitted: A Library of Possibilities at Charlotte Mecklenburg Library

2016 John Cotton Dana Library Public Relations Award Winner

How do we tell the story of the library? For Charlotte Mecklenburg Library, the answer was to talk to their users, “all we did was give them a voice and platform to tell their story, and by doing so, they told our story”. Read about this award-winning video campaign.

Submitted: “Top 5” Infographic at Park Library (2016)

Why an Infographic? “As the library embedded within UNC’s School of Media and Journalism, we want to create a welcoming environment for all of our undergraduate students, graduate students and faculty, as well as those in the larger UNC Chapel… Continue Reading →

Submitted: Zotero Workshop Posters (2016)

“We offer numerous Zotero workshops for faculty and students each semester. To boost attendance, I created this series of posters, which we tack up across campus a couple of times a year. It seems to keep Zotero fresh in the minds… Continue Reading →

Submitted: NYC subway directional signage at Roesch Library (2016)

“Our library has struggled with ways to communicate the different sound levels of our seven floors. The current signage holders in the elevators are too small to get students’ attention and the previous frame was so large, the poster was… Continue Reading →

Submitted: Ryerson Library’s Digital Media Experience Lab

“With the opening of the Student Learning Centre, the Ryerson Library had the opportunity to expand our services into a new area – experiential learning and emerging technologies. An instant hit with students, the Digital Media Experience Lab (DME) needed… Continue Reading →

Submitted: Digital Signage for the Ryerson University Student Learning Centre

“The Ryerson Student Learning Centre (SLC) opened in February 2015. Designed by Snøhetta, the building provides over 150,000 square feet of space dedicated to students – for learning, innovation, and play. As a key stakeholder in the SLC, the Ryerson… Continue Reading →

Submitted: Roesch Library card holder giveaway

“The University of Dayton Libraries marketing and outreach team brainstormed several different first-year student promotional pieces. We took a vote at one of our meetings and the concept of a card holder won. Our circulation staff shared that when students… Continue Reading →

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