Connect Williamsport Screenshot

“In early 2013, the James V. Brown Library went live with Connect Williamsport, a free community calendar that highlighted the events of interest in the Williamsport, Pa., area. The goal was to create an eye-catching design with bold colors and (make the website accessible) from a smartphone or tablet.

In 2014, we began a year-long Geek the Library campaign, so we “geeked out” the Connect Williamsport photo contest. We believe that this free calendar helps the library become recognized in the community as more than just a building of books and computers. We have separate Facebook and Twitter identities for Connect Williamsport and those have become great marketing tools for the library, as well as the 250+ organizations that use the website.”

Calendar Screenshot

Submitted by: A. Emig, R. Glossner & D. Brigandi
Institution: James V. Brown Library
Creators: Trainor Digital and James V. Brown Library