Middletown Publc Library logo before and after

Logo Before & After

Middletown Public Library, just two years ago was in a crisis. Having been de-funded by the Middletown borough council, it was left to its own devices (and financial reserves). Fast forward a few years (mostly because I don’t know what happened in the middle), Middletown has emerged from a rebranding, with logo work and web redesign coming from Greg Yoder Graphic Design.

Above, you’ll see the before and after. Of note is the prominence of the building itself, which is a former firehouse (you can see a photo of the fa├žade on the library’s Facebook page). The new logo does a good job of carrying over some of the brand equity of the previous design, while simplifying and modernizing it considerably. The website redesign echos this modernization with a fresh design in WordPress and a responsive layout (below).

I hope this rebranding signals a new beginning for Middletown.


Responsive WordPress web redesign

Institution: Middletown Public Library
Creator: Greg Yoder Graphic Design.