In response to an increase in undesirable and disrespectful behaviours (to space and people) by some users in the library, McMaster University Library’s Lyons New Media Centre produced a marketing campaign to address the issue. As written on the campaign website, “Respect is a simple thing that our parents taught us, but sometimes gets forgotten in day┬áto day life.”

The campaign consisted primarily of digital signage/posters and videos which demonstrated some of the disrespectful behaviour in the form of a series of characters: Noisy Nelly, Messy Jessie, Greedy Gus, and Entitled Edward. The characters are portrayed by student assistants, a student volunteer and a staff member. This was followed up later in the campaign by a positive example in the form of Respectful Riley. Posters (shown above) were put up around the campus libraries, and the digital versions were used as desktop wallpapers on library computers. The videos (below) were included in library and campus news items.

Initial Cast of (Disrespectful) Characters

Positive Examples

Plus other videos that demonstrate: waiting in line, throwing out garbage, moving aside in the stairwell, etc., which you can find on the McMaster Library & LNMC YouTube Channels.

Institution: McMaster University Library
Creators: Lyons New Media Centre staff