Roesch Library Card Holder

“The University of Dayton Libraries marketing and outreach team brainstormed several different first-year student promotional pieces. We took a vote at one of our meetings and the concept of a card holder won. Our circulation staff shared that when students come to the desk to check out study room keys, they often have their student ID in a card holder such as this one. We wanted to make something that would be useful for students, and also a vehicle for important library information. We created information cards that go in the holder when we distribute them, including: library hours & fast facts, and information about our research and writing help services.

Card Holder and cards included

Our goals included promoting the student-created hashtag for the library (#clubroesch) and our Twitter handle, @roeshlibrary.

This piece will be distributed at new student orientation events throughout the first several weeks of classes. We ordered 1,250 card holders. The back of the card holder includes instructions that say, ‘Peel & Stick ID holder. Put it on your phone!’

We want to measure if students were using these card holders, so we placed 500 “Pass along to a friend” cards in the holders, which students can redeem it in the library for their own card holder. From this, we hope to be able to see how many students shared that card with a friend to come get a card holder from the library.We would like to see at least 50 “friend” cards redeemed (10%).”

Close-up of cards included in card holder. Includes hours and contract details.

Submitted by: Nichole Rustad and Katy Kelly
Institution: University of Dayton Libraries