This past summer, San Antonio Public Library (SAPL) launched a marketing campaign that aimed to connect users in the community with online library content through large-format posters placed strategically around the city (typically community centres). The “wallpaper” looks like a bookshelf, with QR codes on book spines ((Editors Note:  I assume the QR code takes the user to a record of that item – the digital image of this wallpaper is not high enough resolution to test this.)). The “digital library” being advertised includes Overdrive, Hoopla, Zinio Magazines, Freegal content, and OneClickDigital audiobooks, familiar to many public library users.

Bookshelf Wallpaper

You can get a sense of the scale of the wallpaper at actual size, below. ((image source)) The infographic displayed beside the wallpaper can be viewed larger on the SAPL blog post that announced this initiative.

wallpaper in action-001

SAPL has continued their Digital Library promotion by rolling out two interactive kiosks in the San Antonio International Airport. These kiosks allow library members to explore and access the library. Even more interestingly, SAPL is working with Overdrive to debut their ‘temporary library card’ feature, which allows non-local travellers to access digital library content. The kiosks also act as an electronic charging station. ((Here’s a short article and radio piece that adds a few more details.))


Institution: San Antonio Public Library