logoBack in 2012, Saskatooon Public Library  underwent a rebranding as part of it’s centennial celebration. SPL hired Tap Communications and designer Tim Neal to create the new logo; it later received an Elevator Award for the work. The Saskatoon Public Library website walks us through the new logo (link no longer working), including

“The books are both symbolic and literal, and reflect the Library’s mission statement;
The different size of books represents the diversity of our collection and community we serve;
The circular shape represents a community gathering or civic place, with the books’ spines pointing inward drawing people into the library. Circular shapes also represent continuation, promoting the idea of continuous learning and literacy;
The sunburst shape is radiant and vibrant, reflecting the warm and welcoming aspect of the library’s services and facilities.”

In 2013, SPL followed up the rebranding effort with a marketing campaign “SPL the Beans”, which paired odd factoids with information about the Library’s collection. You can see two examples of these below, and the entire series here. Below that, you’ll see the SPL the Beans campaign on a set of drink coasters, which isn’t a marketing move we see too often from libraries.

SPL001134 - advertorial_images_01.indd

SPL001134 - advertorial_images_01.indd

SPL drink coasters

Spotted in the wild: SPL the Beans drink coasters. Image courtesy L. Miller.

Institution: Saskatoon Public Library
Creators: Tap Communications, Tim Neal