One of the things I wanted to do when I was put in charge of services was to update the signage. Many of the signs were in all-caps and were inconsistent from one sign to the next. Tonally, I wanted the signs to be ‘friendlier’. Also, I wanted¬†cheap, print-as-many-as-you-want signs that I can make quickly in Word and send to the printer.

Here’s an example of a change in language from “Out of Order” to something a little less in-your-face, and with an offer of assistance.

out of order sign

For a sign to go on the end of a bookstack.

Having Trouble finding a Book


Applying the same format to a different topic: promoting an online virtual reference service. A little tongue-in-cheek.
ever wanted to chat

Because these are¬†easily updated, they can evolve. Over time, I’ve changed some language, and added the McMaster logo to maintain brand consistency. The font used for these signs is Avenir Black; if I were to create these again, I’d choose a free font that would be more readily available to others in my library.

Institution: McMaster University Library, Thode Library
Creator: A. Colgoni