Submission - PSU - Study All Night

Submission - PSU - Finals Win

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“These two flyers were made by Tina Morgan from PSU Library. Portland State University Library has, for the past few terms, had extended hours during Dead Week and Finals Week, but students don’t always know this. We also sometimes offer in-library study breaks. Tina was originally a student employee while she was in grad school at PSU; she worked in library development and helped out with marketing and social media. Since graduation, she’s stayed on part-time to continue with the same type of work. She doesn’t have extensive design training (her grad degree is in publishing), but she’s got a good eye and sense of humor, and I think that shows especially in her study break flyers. These flyers were both created to be posted around the library building itself. We also shared them via social media.

In libraries, we often have to make flyers quickly, and, like many libraries, we don’t have a professional designer on staff. It’s great to be able to take advantage of students’ skill sets even when it’s not specifically in their job description.

These flyers have accomplished what they were intended to: they work well to advertise extended hours and our study break.”

submitted by J. Petit, PSU Library

Institution: Portland State University Library
Creator: T. Morgan