Elevator Doors Graphic

“Our library has struggled with ways to communicate the different sound levels of our seven floors. The current signage holders in the elevators are too small to get students’ attention and the previous frame was so large, the poster was removed or tampered with frequently. The Library’s Marketing and Outreach committee brainstormed ideas and thought using the vinyl panels we use in our gallery exhibits might be an option. The vendor suggested putting the vinyl directly on the elevator doors as they have done for a local hospital.

Examples of the signage that is seen the NYC Subway. Signage designed by Noorda and Vignelli. Image: New York Times

Examples of the iconic wayfinding signage seen the NYC Subway; designed by Noorda and Vignelli in 1966. Image source: New York Times

Our goal was to explain to students what they will find on each floor, including the sound designations, so they can choose the best place to suit their needs. The New York subway theme came from a brainstorming session with the communication and outreach librarian. We wanted a look that would communicate the information in a simple manner yet grab their attention.”

Below: the vinyl signage as it appears applied to the elevator doors at Roesch Library

Image showing elevator with vinyl coating showing floors of library

Institution: University of Dayton РRoesch Library
Designer: Nichole Rustad, Digital Projects and Graphic Design Manager

Creative Commons License
Subway-styled floor signage by Nichole Rustad is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International