Children's Summer Reading Program game board

“We decided to depart from the Collaborative Summer Reading Program suite of illustrations to do our own thing this year (for the first time!). We liked the general superhero theme, but decided to make our own characters and tagline, with the goal of course being to get kids stoked about summer reading and to bring people into the Library to participate.

I wanted to make characters that kids would find to be cool, and then incorporate the illustrations in every aspect of our Summer Reading Program materials. In addition to the gameboard, there are huge window clings, an atrium display, various splash graphics around the Children’s Department, and publicity posters. So far, so good – huge participation numbers, kids reporting on their favorite characters, drawings of the characters popping up around both branches. Also my friend’s 4-year-old took his gameboard to bed with him. Success!!”

Below left: Full program guide; Below right: Game board. Click to Enlarge.

Submitted and Designed by: Erin Tobey
Institution: Monroe County Public Library