“This project was planned by teen services librarian James Giangregorio for Teen Read Week, a YALSA initiative held between October 12-18, 2014. Materials were designed by creative services coordinator Kevin Carobine and printed in-house. The goal of this project was to increase circulation of library items among teens. It also served to increase awareness of the ‘New Releases’ section on the teen services page of Virginia Beach Public Library’s website. This project encouraged teens to share their favorite books with other teens by placing ‘recommended by a teen’ bookmarks into books on library shelves. The ‘New Releases’ section of our website was highlighted on the bookmark with the web address prominently displayed. The bookmarks were designed to be eye-catching when placed inside of a book with only the top of the bookmark exposed. The project was successful in increasing awareness of the ‘New Releases’ section of our website, as our web analytic tools show five times as much online traffic in October than in September.”

Teen Read Week Display

Institution: Virginia Beach Public Library
Creators: James Giangregorio and Kevin Carobine