Why an Infographic?

“As the library embedded within UNC’s School of Media and Journalism, we want to create a welcoming environment for all of our undergraduate students, graduate students and faculty, as well as those in the larger UNC Chapel Hill community. We want students and faculty to be aware of the services we offer, including our technology and willingness to help. We also wanted to showcase some of what our students learn by presenting the tips in a polished infographic.

We posted these signs within the library and the wider building – to promote our services to students who are already inside the library, as well as to new students in our major. Undergraduates often think the library is only for grad students & faculty, which is why the top tip is that we are open to all. The sign has attracted the attention of faculty and other campus libraries, leading us to create a template to be shared with others.”

Creating the Infographic

“The Top 5 list started several years ago when we used to have orientations for new students – I would go to a large room and read the Top 5 list, along with an unattractive series of PowerPoint slides illustrating each point. Then last year I hired an undergraduate student staffer with amazing photoshop skills. So I thought, let’s use her skills and my list, and she designed the infographic. Further leveraging this student’s talents, she created the recent graphics that you see on our instagram account, including the “Keep Calm” signs, all the hours signs, and our newest creation, a series of Library Hacks graphics. Working with a student has been beneficial – she knows how helpful the library is, but she also knows that so many people use our library without ever asking us for anything.”

Institution: Park Library at the University of North Carolina
Submitted by: Stephanie Brown