John Cotton Dana Library Public Relations Award Winner 2014
WCPL before and after

Back in 2012, Wells County Public Library did a marketing evaluation and came to the conclusion that there was a lot of inconsistency in how the library was being presented to the public. Not only that, but the current logo wasn’t doing a good job of presenting the current library, and marketing was too book-focused. Surveys and focus groups later, the tagline “Go-To Spot” and an in-house logo was created. The more cohesive theme was then applied across the board from the redesigned website and newsletter to business cards, staff shirts and letterhead. You’ll find a few examples of these below, but the full details are the award submission document.

After the rebranding process, the library saw an increase in issuing new library cards, circulation, database searches, web hits, and wi-fi connections.

Congratulations to WCPL on their award win.

adult logo

One of the ‘modified’ logos. Each of adults, teens, and kids has a different colour.

national cookie day WCPL

A branded digital screen display.

Street Flag

The bulk of the $7800 rebranding budget went to the 110 street signs/flags, two of which are seen here.



A specialized sign used to highlight special services or collections.